I am a retired grandmother of three beautiful grandkids and one great-grandson. I adopted my first greyhound in 2006 after seeing them at a home show in Florida. I now have my second and third greyhounds, my quirky Marmaduke and my diva girl Nyota. I am active with fostering, MCGA Prison Program, home visits, meet and greets and other special events with these amazing hounds. In my spare time I make tag and martingale collars, travel mats and coats. All for the love of a greyhound.

I am a US Army Retired First Sergeant and adopted my first greyhound in 2007. It was love at first sight and currently I have three retired racers that have raced into my heart. Keeping the military tradition, my greyhounds are known as “the Grey Berets”.  I am deeply committed in finding the right forever homes for our retired racing greyhounds. I am involved in Meet & Greets, Home Visits, MCGA Prison Program, Greyhound Events, Nursing Home/Rehab visits with my Grey Berets  and recently completed the Canine Good Citizen Course and Pet Partners’ Therapy Training with my 4 year old Retired Racer “Petey”.  I am now a certified handler and “Petey” is a Certified Therapy Dog. I am proud to promote Greyhound Adoption/Awareness as “There is nothing like the love of a Greyhound”.

Kaye and her greyhound Ms. Pickle.

MCGA is an NGA-endorsed responsible adoption group.

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Music City Greyhound Adoption's mission is to place retired racing greyhounds in dedicated, loving homes. We will support their families after adoption and educate the public about these wonderful companions.

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The team of dedicated volunteers at Music City Greyhound Adoption are passionate about each and every greyhound and are devoted to giving as many as possible the opportunity to retire in a caring home. We facilitate the adoption of greyhounds in Middle Tennessee, Southern Kentucky and Northern Alabama and are based in the Nashville, Tennessee area.

I have been involved with retired racing greyhounds for 25 years. I adopted my first greyhound from Southland Greyhound Park in 1996. I got involved with adoption as a volunteer for Greyhound Pets of America Nashville and joined GPA's Board of Directors in 2003. I served as GPA's President for six years. I am one of the founding members and President of Music City Greyhound Adoption, which was started in 2014. I've been a "mom" to more than 13 greys over the years, numerous fosters and currently have six sweet females. My responsibilities include acquiring dogs for adoption, transporting dogs, fostering, our Prison Program, reviewing adoption and foster applications, interviewing applicants, performing home visits and assisting foster and adoption families.

And the many volunteers that devote their time and energy to this very special breed.

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