Currently participating in our Prison Program

Fostered by Cathy Wilder;

Metro Davidson County Detention Facility; Linda Debaun

Scorched Sand08/13/2016 (2 yrs old)

Good with small dogs: Yes

Cat safe: Yes

Trey is a two-year-old black male who just graduated from our Prison Program. He is a happy, active boy who is doing well in his foster home with a cat and another greyhound.


Fostered by Liz Trapp

Wolverine's Sponsors

In memory of Yiona, Cathy Wilder’s beautiful senior.
Kim & Calvin Holweger

Fostered by Lou Lewis


09/07/2015 (3 yrs old)

Good with small dogs: No

Cat safe: No

Mojo hails from Florida, where she recently retired from her racing career, after running in 111 races. She weighs approximately 64 lbs.




Fasty's Sponsors

In Memory of Lillie Bea, Kaye Tschop's beloved Pug. Kim & Calvin Holweger


We are also on

DC Skye Rader

​05/14/2016 (3 yrs old)

Good with small dogs: Yes

Cat safe: No

Taz is a sweet, calm boy who arrived from Florida recently and is settling into his new foster home. He enjoys meeting children at meet and greets. Taz weighs approximately 77 pounds. This cute boy will need a home with another dog companion.




Fostered by Sheri & Tom Tigue

Adoptable Dogs

Fostered by Lori & Travis Stephens

​​Pal O Mine
11/13/2014 (4 yrs old)

Good with small dogs: Workable

Cat safe: No

Pallie came to MCGA from Florida. She weighs approximately 60 lbs. Pallie will be entering our Prison Program where she will learn basic obedience.


Music City Greyhound Adoption adopts to homes only in the following areas: Middle Tennessee, Northern Alabama and Southern Kentucky. Currently we have a waiting list of applicants to be interviewed and/or home visit scheduled. If you submit your application today, most likely the dogs listed on our website will no longer be available by the time we are ready to schedule a home visit with you. We appreciate your patience as we are 100% volunteer-run and always strive to ensure the best match between greyhound and adopter.

Rufus' Sponsors

Good luck to all the retired racers in the Prison Program. Donna & Fyliss McCormick​​

In Memory of Jetta and Ivey Hancock, who are running free together again. Dawn Sauro

In Honor of Cathy Wilder's Money Jar. Michele Howell

In memory of our "Perfect Greyhound" Miss Twiggy. Forever loved.

Saundra Sims


​​In Memory of Jeff Cardwell's parents. Kim & Calvin Holweger

In memory of Cathy Wildler's sweet Yiona. John Blackman and Nancy Nunnelley

Pending Adoption

Mojo's Sponsors

Such a pretty, petite girl.

Love, Saundra Sims

Hope you find your forever home soon. Barbara Troxtel

Fostered by Barbara Troxtel; Rob Holmes; Lisa Lorenzen


Barts Pocketaces

10/25/2014 (4 yrs old)

Good with small dogs: No

Cat safe: No

Aces is a male Prison Program graduate weighing approximately 75 pounds. He loves attention from people. He's a sweet boy doing very well in his foster home. Aces will need a home without small dogs or cats.



Natural State01/13/2016 (3 yrs old)

Good with small dogs: Yes

Cat safe: Yes

​Perkins is a red fawn male who graduated from our Prison Program.  He is doing well in his foster home and loves attention from people.


Taz's Sponsors

For my Granddaughter Jillian. Love, Nana (Nancy Flanders)

In memory of Jewel Stein, my co-worker greyhound, who lost her battle with bone cancer on Monday. Matthew Miller

In memory of my sweet Lazier. Love, Saundra Sims

In Memory of Jen and Dan's beautiful loving "Rollie".

Kim & Calvin Holweger

Pallie's Sponsors

In memory of Jen & Dan's sweetheart, Tess.

Kim & Calvin Holweger

Hope you find your forever home soon. Barbara Troxtel

Pele's Sponsors

In memory of all the Greyhounds that have gone to the Rainbow Bridge. Missing my beautiful black boy Lazer. Saundra Sims​​

Fostered by Lynnae VanDoren

Newton Arvin06/21/2016 (3 yrs old)

Good with small dogs: Yes

Cat safe: Yes

​Arvin is a brindle male with beautiful big eyes. He successfully completed our Prison Program. He is a very sweet boy who gets along well with small children. He can be a little shy but has been blossoming in his foster home. 


Nannie's Sponsors

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all the foster dogs waiting for their forever homes. And thank you to all their foster families. Donna and "Fyliss" McCormick

In Memory of Sweet Grace. Wilma Watts

In Memory of our precious greyhound Ivy. Ron Reynolds


Ace's Sponsors

Happy Birthday MCGA.

Donna McCormick & Fyliss

From Raven and Ava of the Chatham family. Robert Chatham


Trey's Sponsors

You are one handsome boy

with a great name, Trey.

Happy Retirement, your

forever couch awaits you. 

Donna & Fyliss McCormick

Paradox Brooklyn

07/16/2016 (2 yrs old)

Good with small dogs: Yes

Cat safe: Yes

Jeanette is a beautiful shiny black girl with a white tip on her tail. She is young and therefore can be active at times. Jeanette will do best in a fenced yard where she can run and play every day. Jeanette completed our Prison Program obedience training course.


Char Nanes

2/20/2015 (4 yrs old)

Good with small dogs: Yes

Cat safe: Yes

Nannie is a sweet, shy, white and red female. She will need a home with a fenced yard and a confident greyhound companion.


Fostered by Kristin Bohannon


Gigante's Sponsors

In memory of Shine & Abby & Burnner. Forever loved. Dave Morrison



Fostered by Metro-Davidson County Detention Facility

​*Kirby and Pele will be for adoption through Mid-South Greyhound Adoption Option once they graduate from the Prison Program in late July.

Fostered by Joan & Jim White


Fast Times

12/23/2014 (4 yrs old)

Good with small dogs: Yes

Cat safe: TBD

Fasty is a male brindle from Florida. He is getting along fine with children and the resident hound in his foster home. He's a very sweet boy who loves attention.


Sarah's Sponsors

In memory of BB. John Blackman and Nancy Nunnelley

For Sarah in loving memory of our sweet Rose. Dustin and Rebeca Laugherty

MCGA occasionally has senior greyhounds (8 years old and above) needing to be rehomed. Seniors may have special needs and we want to make sure they are placed in a home that is willing to provide the love and care they need and deserve. There is a reduced rate adoption fee for seniors. If you are interested in adopting an older greyhound, please let us know. We may not have one available immediately, but it would be helpful to have a list of potential adopters who are interested in adopting a sweet senior as sometimes they need a new home in a short period of time.

Fostered by Cathy Wilder; ​Donna Ramos

For a donation of twenty dollars, you can sponsor the dog of your choice.

Click on the green "Sponsor me" button, type your message and the dog's name.

For other ways to help, see "Help the Hounds".


Fostered by Rene Palicia

Arvin's Sponsors

In Memory of Stacy Armstrong's father, John H. Conner.

Becky & Mark Orman

Happy Mother’s Day to all the fur  babies' Moms. Donna & Fyliss McCormick


Perkin's Sponsors

Happy Valentine's Day, let a Retired Racing Greyhound Race into your Heart. 

Donna & Fyliss McCormick

In memory of Mike Felts, who left this world too soon. Our sympathy to Robin Felts and Tosha. Al, Amy, Woody and Presley with Miami, GiGi and Rocco at the Rainbow Bridge


Finding Homes for Retired Racing Greyhounds


Pending Adoption

Jeanette's Sponsors

In Memory of Jeff Cardwell's mother. Shirley Hudson

In memory of Mike Felts, Tosha's father and Robin's husband. Kim and Calvin Holweger

Hope you find your forever home soon. Barbara Troxtel

Kirby's Sponsors

In memory of  “BB”, Liz Trapp’s sweet angel.
Kim & Calvin Holweger


Astro's Sponsors

In memory of Shine & Abby. Forever loved. Dave & Pat Morrison

Hope you find your forever home soon. Barbara Troxtel


Fostered by Eva Ribman; Lynnae VanDoren; Jen & Dan Van Luvender

Music City Greyhound Adoption



Trixie Is A Lady05/27/2017 (2 yrs old)
Good with small dogs: No

Cat safe: No

Trixie weighs approximately 70 lbs. She is on the shy side and doesn't like loud noises. As a youngster, Trixie needs supervision. She is very inquisitive about everything in her foster home. She loves having a fenced yard to play and run. She walks well on lead but does have the desire to chase little things. Trixie likes her crate and is fed there. She sleeps through the night very well. This sweet girl loves ear scratches and neck rubs and a big comfy dog bed.


Blackjack Sarah07/10/2015 (3 yrs old)

Good with small dogs: TBD

Cat safe: Yes

Sarah is a three-year-old black and white female who completed her racing career in Florida and is ready for a retirement home. She is very cautious and can be timid in boisterous surroundings. She responds well to quiet, gentle people who don't rush or overwhelm her. She will need a home with another dog companion.


Trixie's Sponsors

Thoughts and blessings to all

those who have lost a loved one.

Donna McCormick

In honor of Lou's boy Tommy because of his brave fight against Osteo. I love my Tommy. Saundra Sims.

Hope you find your forever home soon. Barbara Troxtel

Sponsored by Bonita Denson Kimbrell