"Chess" - Hogs Chess

 2 year old male

Pedigree, Racing stats 

Sponsors: Donation from Franklin Family Dentistry

Generous Donation from Leslie Balcerak and Nancy Flanders

​All for our love of retired racers, Nancy Flanders (Leslie's mother) and Leslie Balcerak

MCGA occasionally has senior greyhounds (8 years old and above) needing to be rehomed. Seniors may have special needs and we want to make sure they are placed in a home that is willing to provide the love and care they need and deserve. There is a reduced rate adoption fee for seniors. If you are interested in adopting an older greyhound, please let us know. We may not have one available immediately, but it would be helpful to have a list of potential adopters who are interested in adopting a sweet senior as sometimes they need a new home in a short period of time.

"Molly" - Flying Monorail

 2 year old female

Pedigree, Racing stats

In memory of all who are grieving the loss of their retired racer. Lou & Grey Berets

​MCGA Family & Friends, Nancy Flanders (Leslie's mother) and Leslie Balcerak

Adoptable Dogs

Thank you to Cathy Wilder and Lisa Wiggs for fostering Molly


"Nick" - BT Ouachita

 2 year old male 

Pedigree, Racing Stats

Sponsored by Lisa Wiggs

​To the foster dogs in foster care, MCGA. Nancy Flanders (Leslie's mother) and Leslie Balcerak

Thank you to Lisa Lorenzen for fostering Nick

For a donation of twenty dollars, you can sponsor the dog of your choice.

Click on the green "Sponsor me" button, type your message and the dog's name.

For other ways to help, see "Help the Hounds".

"RCK Thea" - Thea

2 year old female

Pedigree, Racing Stats 

In loving memory of Jim Sims, a precious friend and wonderful man who was loved dearly by all who knew him ~ Love, Calvin & Kim Holweger & Family

"Monte" - Fiesta Mountain

​5 year old male

​Pedigree, Racing Stats

You are so handsome, your forever home awaits you ~ Fyliss McCormick

​In memory of Tina & Jeff's beautiful boy, Shasta ~ Debbie Merrill

In memory of Tommy Lewis. Take care of my Aggie Mae ~ Leslie Balcerak

​In honor of Monte, who showed lots of people how wonderful greyhounds are ~ Linda Debaun

​In memory of Dan Van Luvender ~ Lisa & Ken Wiggs

"Odds" - Despite The Odds

 8 year old female 

Pedigree, Racing Stats

In loving memory of my dear mother Nancy Flanders, your loving daughter Leslie Balcerak

​In memory of Wise Guy & Arby of the Holweger Family. Forever in our hearts. Saundra Sims

"Diamond" - Hogs Diamondback

​3 year old female

Pedigree, Racing Stats

​In memory of beautiful Chelsea Jane ~ Love, Calvin, Kim and family

Thank you to Leslie Schraeder for fostering Monte

Adoption Pending

Music City Greyhound Adoption

Thank you to Lynnae Van Doren for fostering Odds

Thank you to Lisa Lorenzen and Joyce Jackson for fostering Thea

Music City Greyhound Adoption adopts to homes only in the following areas: Middle Tennessee, Northern Alabama and Southern Kentucky. We are 100% volunteer-run and always strive to ensure the best match between greyhound and adopter. 

Thank you to Lisa Lorenzen for fostering Chess

"Goob" - VJ Makesomeroom

 2 year old male

Pedigree, Racing stats


Finding Homes for Retired Racing Greyhounds