Music City Greyhound Adoption

Finding Homes for Retired Racing Greyhounds

Music City Greyhound Adoption is always in need of foster homes for greyhounds while they await adoption.

To give the greyhounds the best chance to be adopted, foster families need to be local to the Nashville area so that they can bring the foster dog to meet and greets and other events. This gives potential adoptive families the opportunity to meet the dog in person.

Imagine an adult dog that has never seen stairs or television or walked on hardwood floors. Imagine a dog that has never seen another dog breed or a cat . Greyhounds are that dog. Their racing lives are unlike other domesticated breeds.

Most greyhounds have lived their entire lives in a kennel situation and have no concept of what it’s like to live with a family in a house. Foster care givers can help ease the transition from the kennel to their forever home.

Foster care can be as short as an overnight stay after a spay/neuter surgery to a longer term commitment that lasts until the dog gets adopted. MCGA will be happy to work with you to meet your needs and match the best hound to your situation. Typically a hound is in foster care for one to three months.

The requirements for a foster home are the same as for an adoptive home. MCGA will make a home visit where we will check for things like stairs, a fenced yard, the promise to provide indoor living space for the greyhound, and that all other animals in the home are altered.

MCGA will provide all pre-approved medical care, kibble and support for you while the dog is being fostered in your home. We ask that the foster home provide appropriate home training, a soft bed and lots of love.

The foster family’s input is very valuable in deciding whether the foster hound is the right choice for prospective adopters.

If your situation doesn’t allow for adoption of a greyhound at this time in your life, please consider fostering instead. By fostering a greyhound, you could be saving the life of a hound coming off the track with nowhere else to go. When your foster hound goes to a forever home, know that made a huge impact by helping that greyhound adjust from track life to home life. 

Fostering is one of the greatest gifts you can give to a greyhound.

Contact our foster coordinator.