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Music City Greyhound Adoption

Finding Homes for Retired Racing Greyhounds

​​​Pamela Barker, Jesse and Bart Eaton with Puddles ("Peddles")

​​​Ashley and Justin Santoro with

Booker and Rowland

Madison Meet and Greet


​​If you are on or near the path of totality, as many in Tennessee and Kentucky are, please take some time before the upcoming weekend to prepare for the safety of your greyhounds and other pets.

Make sure your fences and gates are secure. If you are renting a room, make sure your guests understand that it is very important that they do not let a dog loose. It might also be helpful to make sure you have a supply of medications and food on hand, in case your town is inundated with tourists/traffic and it is difficult to run your normal errands. 

​Although dogs and cats are not expected to feel the effects as much as wildlife, the eclipse event may cause stress for your greyhound. Play it safe by keeping your dogs indoors during the eclipse. Treat it like a larger than normal Fourth of July celebration with respect to your pets.

​​​The Eldar family with Julius


Our annual picnic is scheduled for

September 17 from 1pm - 5pm

at Shelter #3 at Edwin Warner Park in Nashville.

Congratulations to our August Adopters!

The Grey Gazette

May 2017, Issue 4

We can never have too many foster homes. If you can provide a loving foster home for a recently retired racing greyhound,

please contact us.

Congratulations to our July Adopters!

​​​​Tracy and Jessie Osborne

with Reggie



Your donations enable us to improve the lives of those greyhounds already in our care and help save the lives of more greyhounds in the future. As a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, all donations to MCGA are tax-deductible.

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~~Music city greyhound adoption, Our mission is to place retired racing greyhounds in dedicated, loving homes. We will support their families after adoption and educate the public about these wonderful companions.


At Music City Greyhound Adoption, our mission is to place retired racing greyhounds in dedicated, loving homes. We will support their families after adoption and educate the public about these wonderful companions.

You won't often see a greyhound sit. Due to their body structure, it is generally uncomfortable for them.

Greyhounds are generally calm dogs and often make great therapy dogs.

The average weight of a greyhound:

Female: 50-65 pounds

Male: 65-80 pounds

The average age of a retired racing greyhound is between two and five years old. The average lifespan is twelve to fourteen years.

Rainbow Bridge

Memorials to greyt companions.

E-Mail Group

Join our Yahoo email groupto chat

with fellow greyhound owners.

Greyhounds come in a large variety of colors. There is actually no "grey" color; the official color for a grey-ish coat is "blue".

Fast Facts About GREyhounds

Adoption Process

If you have made the decision that a greyhound is the right breed for you, we invite you to fill out our Adoption Application. Our goal is to ensure that we enable the best match for both you and the retired racer. 

Special Needs

The Jean Marie Webb

Memorial Fund was created in memory of a greyhound adopter

to help us take on the financial burden of helping greyhounds with special needs.

Meet and Greets

A meet & greet is a wonderful opportunity to learn about retired racing greyhounds. We invite you to stop by and meet these beautiful dogs.


We rely on foster homes to acclimate the dogs to life off the track. If you are interested in fostering a greyhound, please complete our Foster Application.

Music City Greyhound Adoption is a group of volunteers dedicated to finding homes for greyhounds who have completed their careers on the track. We strive to place each dog in a loving, forever home. We look forward to helping you find the greyt companion you are seeking.